Download your games:

At its very easy to download and activate your PC- and Mac-Games, Season passes, Xbox Live subscriptions, and giftcards. The time of waiting is over. Download and install instantly and start enjoying your new purchase.

As soon as you succesfully purchased a product, it will appear instantly in your Digital Locker in your account (dont forget to confirm your account after your first order or after creating your account). From your Digital Locker you can simply download and install the new game, expansion, dlc or simply grab the code to activate the purchase on the specific platform like Xbox Live or Steam. Your purchase will remain in your account so you can always retrieve the code, should you have incorrectly written it down, or start the download again.

The Advantages:

  • Never lose an activation code again. You can always find your codes back in your in your Digital Locker segment
  • Who needs a dvd player these days. Simply download and install
  • All your purchases are shown in one clear overview. Everything is listed in your account and the downloads can be started very easily
  • Waiting for your order to be delivered is a thing of the past. You can find your purchase instantly in your account after the payment has been completed succesfully. All that is left is to activate and download so you can enjoy your new purchase

The Digital Locker:

The Digital Locker can be found in your account ( we create one automatically for you at your first purchase). This makes it the central area for all your games, expansions, subscriptions, giftcards etcetera that you have purchased at

You will find a link at the top of each page to access your account, which enables you to visit your own personal Digital Locker. All the purchases you ever made will remain here to give you access at all times.

You can of course also click on the link in the success page to take you directly to your code or use the link in your invoice. We like to make it as easy as possible.